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Muharram Promo

In welcoming the Birth month of Rasulullah, let us strengthen  and fill our Hearts with Love of Our Beloved Prophet  Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon  him) and our deen.


Insya Allah, we will also be celebrating Children's Day on the 8th  October. Lets show our little Khalifahs that it's not impossible to  fill our hearts with love and yearning of our  beloved Prophet Muhammad (peacse and blessings be upon  him)

Every $15 purchase  entitles you to a free gift. One of the ways for us to understand the religion is through LOVE, let us start and revive a sunnah and also build our love for the one whose love matters most...

Out of sight does not have to be out of mind, as long as He, Rasulullah lives in our Hearts, we will always have Him close.

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