Teachers' Day Special

Teachers, Murabbi, Masyaikh, Ustaz (ah),

no matter what you call them, they are one.

They are the successors to the knowledge taught by Rasulullah..

No matter how little knowledge they teach, it would have left an imprint in your mind and your heart;

they are the one who made you who you are,

they are the ones who will bring  you closer to Allah and Rasulullah..

To my Syeikhuna;
You spread leave sparkles of love wherever you go, the love that you emulate from our Beloved Prophet, embrace us like the warmth of the Sun.

May Allah bless your life and give you the barokah of time and energy. May you continue to spread the love to the ummah of our Beloved  Prophet till we meet Him in a majelis in Paradise. Allahumma ameen.

UEN : 53214108C

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